Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER Fleet – FSP Model

Features 4 Qatar Airways variants for the FSP Boeing 777-300ER. Includes regular livery with and without wifi domes, the oneworld livery and special FC Barcelona livery.
Thanks to John Tavendale for the permission to modify his original PMDG 77W textures to create the Barcelona jet

Paint for the FSP Boeing 777-300ER model

Textures for FSX/P3D only

Download FSX/P3D

5 thoughts on “Qatar Airways Boeing 777-300ER Fleet – FSP Model

  1. James Boerman

    For some reason, I can’t view the Barcelona paint in P3Dv4. When I go to view it, (right click air traffic, find A7-BAE, and click) the plane initially shows up silver, then as colors start to appear, the whole plane disappears. Any ideas on what could cause this?


    1. No idea at all, not had any other reports of this happening nor have I had any issue with the repaint myself. Do the other Qatar paints show up fine? And to rule out the obvious you are using this for the FSP not the Fruit Stand model right?


      1. James Boerman

        After more testing, it is not the paint (I should have known!). For some reason, I can not observe this repaint at EHAM. I am able to observe it elsewhere, just not EHAM for some reason. Keep up the great work!!



  2. Patrick Muehlmann

    Hello and first of all thanks for the great repaints.
    Would it be possible for the Qatar fleet to get an update?

    Currently there are two versions of the B777-300ER missing:
    – A7-BAA / A7-BAB (Oneworld fwd WiFi Dome)
    – A7-BAF /A7-BAG (Oneworld no WiFi Dome)
    – A7-BAX (FIFA World Cup)

    and a variant of the B777-200LR
    – A7-BBD (fwd WiFi Dome)

    Thanks and greetings, Pat


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