British Airways Boeing 747-400 Fleet 2019

Paints for the FAIB Boeing 747-400 model in British Airways liveries.

These textures are part of a complete fleet repaint. Please replace any existing paints for a complete, uniform fleet

Includes 12 variants, intended for use with the AIG Summer 2019 flightplans:

British Airways Summer 2019 flightplans

Textures for P3D4+/MSFS


2048 pixel HD textures

Download 2048

Japan Airlines Boeing 767-300 Fleet

Features 11 Japan Airlines variants for the new FAIB 767-300. Includes a complete fleet breakdown with livery assignments inside.
Main differences are 2 non-ER paints (including one of the Oneworld’s), 4 special liveries and a number of regular livery paints with differing dome configurations

2048 textures only

Paint for the FAIB Boeing 767-300ER model

Textures for FSX/P3D only

Download FSX/P3D