ATCO Repaints

Azores Airlines Airbus A321NEO CS-TSG


Features Azores Airlines repaint for the FAIB A321NEO. CS-TSG features “Wonder” titles on the aircraft in purple. It appears that each Azores A321NEO will feature a different word and colour. The A321NEO’s have replaced Azores ageing Airbus A310s with 2 in the fleet on lease until the airline takes delivery of its own 4 A321NEOLR’s due in 2019

Paint for the FAIB Airbus A321NEO CFM Leap model

Textures for FSX/P3D only



Air Canada Express Embraer E175 NC 2017 – New Express Titles


Features Air Canada NC repaint for the RavenAI Embraer E175 in the new Air Canada 2017 livery. At some point after they had already started painting Express aircraft into the new corporate livery, the company decided to replace the lower case “express” titles with upper case “EXPRESS” titles instead. This paint features the update as well as the change from the metal to black window frame. Please replace the older version

Paint for the Raven AI Embraer E175 model

Note: There is an update to this model on the AIG forum to make it FSX/P3D native

Textures for FSX/P3D only