Welcome to my site for AI repaints.
This site allows me to share some of my aviation passion. You will find textures for AI aircraft for the MSFS and LM P3D franchises. No models here, only repaints!
I’m also a keen photographer of flying things, and when I’m not wasting my free time on aviation I spend my working life in the dark dungeon that is Toronto Area ATC Center making sure that aircraft get safely in and out of YYZ.

Textures here are only for P3D and MSFS, unfortunately no more FS9/FSX.

All the textures here are freeware, that does not however mean copyright free. Copyright remains with me as the original author and these textures must not be amended, copied, uploaded or re-distributed without my express written consent.
A lack of reply does not grant consent.

These textures must never be sold or included in payware products

Copyright. Garry Lewis 2017