Flightplans Air Transat Winter 2018

Flightplans for Air Transat for the Winter 2018 season based on their online timetable for the week January 22-28.

Includes all flights listed at airtransat.com apart from these which are operated for Transat by Canadian North:



These flights are included in Canadian North flightplans uploaded by Steve Lewis at AIG

Flightplans require 2 of 4 A330-300s, 6 of 13 A330-200s (1 is stored, 1 is on lease to Travel Service Poland and 2 are on lease to Condor), 5 of 7 A310s (The missing 2 are due for retirement by Jan 2018), 17 Boeing 737-800s and 4 Boeing 737-700s. It appears that like last Winter Air Transat will be keeping many of the A330s idle for the season.

All repaints are available right here on this site

* Updated 09 Feb 2018 – Please re-download if you downloaded previously*