The return

I can’t thank all of you enough for your kind words and wishes. It has made a difference.
Now that some things have settled a bit, its time for me to return to doing something I love.
I am back baby! And there is plenty in the paintshop ready to appear soon 🙂

50 thoughts on “The return

  1. Dear Garry, it’s very sad to you had to take this decision, but probably had some good reasons. I want to thank you for all the work you put into making these fantastic paints and your sensible comments over in the AIG forum. I hope you will decide to come back, I will be cheering! In the meantime, stay healthy and safe.


  2. Michael

    Thank you very much, I know it is a business, where a “thank you”, if it comes, is most times the biggest reward/award.

    You maybe never heard from me, but I was all the time a user, who used your stuff very often.

    Your good-bye is aching for sure, cause the community lost a very talented guy.

    Even with FLAI , this is a very sad message for me. But I could understand it. Maybe my thank-you is too late. But it is honestly, you will be missed. All the best from Germany, stay healthy and safe of course. All the best.



    1. Many thanks, you have no idea how much the kind words are appreciated. Its always easy to forget that the majority of people are good, decent people. The minority who like to destroy everything sadly are just the ones who make the most noise.


  3. bmed1

    Sorry to hear this – you have a great talent and hopefully you will come back after a break and surprise all of us in the flightsim community. Take Care & Keep safe!


  4. Kevin

    Hello Gary,
    Thank you for all your great work and dedication over the years. Your contributions have greatly enhanced the quantity and quality of AI traffic with a vast number of finely crafted, up-to-date packages. You will be greatly missed by the community especially by those like me who put together their own AI packages replacing old, dated WOAI packages, in large part by benefiting from the generous work of experts like you. Your decision comes as a sudden and bad surprise and I hope you will somehow find a way of making your work available on some other platform. It would indeed be a great pity to see it disappear altogether. I wish you plenty of luck and success for the future and good health.


  5. windsheardk

    I am very sad to hear this! Volunteer work can be quite unforgiving and appreciation is very rarely handed out. Sadly even amongst those working closest to you…

    Whatever your reason might be, I respect it but I am VERY sad to see you go! I always admired your level of quality and your choice in airlines, you will be missed!!

    I wish you only good things!


  6. jhaley101

    Garry, just read this. Please, at least give it some time.

    I know you know this but truly good people are harder to find than ever before and we need all the good people this world can get.

    Pulling the chute means the good guys lose a true team player. Take some time, re-evaluate and think about all the great things you do to help. You do them because you’re you, not for a pat on the back, not for money, not for praise and certainly not for all the lame brain comments. They are nothing but a worthless grain of sand on the big beach of life.

    Take a look at some of these posts, you know there’s more to come and please don’t lose sight of who the good guys are. I’m a daily visitor to this site and a supporter of your work. Nothing will change that no matter what you do. However, I’m pushing for rest, recharge and re-evaluate. I’m sure you’ll see this latest conflict for what it is and then get back in the saddle.

    Just remember the good guys are a team. We need you on that team. That’s all that matters.


    1. Hi John.
      I value your words and support both here and of course internally at AIG.
      With all that’s going on right now, including the layoffs and uncertainty at my employer I need to keep whats left of my sanity to deal with that. I do need some time away, but as I’ve said there is much to look forward in the future, and that will be a big draw.
      All the best, stay safe up there


  7. wolkenschreck


    Thanks for all the work you offered us. A lot of your paints are not just textures but true artwork. Hence, saying that your contributions will be missed is a big understatement.

    But sometimes we need to move on or just need a break. Whatever you decided needs to work out for you. Hence, just take the steps you feel necessary. And if you at some day decide to come back be assured that here in Germany sits a user who will be very happy to welcome you back.

    Thanks you Garry and take care!


    1. Hi Christophe, thank you too for all that you do and the contributions you make to improve AI traffic for everyone.
      Thank you for your kind words, it is time I need to recharge and deal with the stresses of the real world and working in an industry that has been completely decimated.
      Nothing has been deleted, I’m sure at some point in the future it will all be back

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  8. iain Strickland

    I am just one of many of your repaint users , and I am really sorry that you are stepping away, your repaints are excellent and I have used many of them, and for that I am so grateful, you make my hobby so much more interesting.

    I really hope you will be back.

    Stay safe and healthy



  9. Holger

    I can not believe that you are closing this site!
    I got so many repaints from you here. It makes me sad that people like you are leaving the Community but of course I respect your reasons. I would be more than happy if you come back after a long „think about it“
    I wish you all the best for your life, still hoping and waiting your return!


  10. Matthew Williams

    I just wanted to add my thanks to you Garry. Sad to see you go, but totally understandable. I also hope to see you make a return some time in the future. One of the best painters out there.

    Kind Regards Matt


    1. Thanks Matt, I’ve been doing this for a long time – first paints I ever did for FS were way back for FS5. I think they are still up at to be honest. I love working away on my paints, especially the most complex and difficult ones. It’s so satisfying to complete.
      Hoping that once everything settles down, both online and in reality I’ll be ready to return recharged and refreshed.


  11. Menno Robert

    Your message strikes me like I am loosing a good friend. In fact you do not know me but I was on your site about once a day to check your work. I am very sorry you feel you have to make this decision but I am afraid I also understand it. Having been the author of many AFCADs in the past, I had my share of comments too. The ‘delete’ button was my biggest friend…..

    Gary, thank you for your work, take a break and I hope we may welcome you back in our community again some time!



    1. Menno thank you, I’ve used many of your ADE files over the years, thank you too for all you do for the community.
      So much has happened that will never be made public, but its been a very trying month that has caused a lot of grief for a lot of people, its been a very difficult time. Perhaps had there not been so much else going on it would have been easy to deal with it an move on, but right now for my own sake I need to have a break.
      The wonderful comments and good wishes from the community do remind me that so many value what we do and that is the motivation going forward.


  12. Daniel Davenport

    I too, am sorry to hear this. I have enjoyed your many repaints throughout the years. But I understand burnout as well. This is after all a hobby. It’s supposed to be fun.

    Whatever you decide, best wishes going forward.

    Thanks Again,



  13. chriswouldhave

    I am still a relative novice compared to most of you guys. The one thing I am a bit OCD about is having the correct planes and the correct liveries and you were a godsend helping me with this.

    No matter what you do in life, or wherever, there will always be some people who try to bring you down whether that is with negative comments, accusations or simply trying to discredit the excellent work you do.

    I think all of the comments above speak for how highly regarded you are by the majority of people in the flightsim world, whether novices like me or experienced simmers with many years behind them.

    I for one hope you reconsider and that we see you back soon, but in the meantime take heart from the comments above and see how we all appreciate you.


  14. blazer1234


    May I thank you for your paints , I am grateful you enriched my virtual sim experience.
    I can only guess why you stopped, but I can imagine the unthankfulness MSFS community did some things that didn’t motivate you continue, on the other hand, It not of my business

    I hope you keep save and healthy and I with you all the best for the future!



    1. Thank you Andre. Its been many things, so much unfounded nonsense, made up accusations and just flat out nasty comments from people who have no idea. Its easier to tune out when you’re getting paid to deal with it all, but when you’re not why put yourself through that?
      When a hobby becomes as stressful and difficult as work then its time to leave and find other more fun things to do.
      When the time is right, hopefully the lights here will be back on again.
      All the best


  15. It is a pity that you are finishing your work and that your aircraft paintings are no longer available for download.

    Many will miss your repaints and it will be a long time, before all the paintings are available again somewhere else…:(

    Maybe you will reconsider and make the existing repaints available again for everyone.

    You will have your reasons, why you deleted everything.

    Best regards

    Bernie (


  16. smutley43

    Hi Garry.

    Thanks for all the great textures.

    As an avid FS9 user, it has been a pleasure to convert all of your freeware textures to use in that platform.

    I really do hope you reconsider your decision, but what will be will be.

    All the best.


  17. Stewart A Newton

    WOW, this is a huge loss to the community!

    Whatever prompted this, please know how much I’ve appreciated everything you’ve done to make simming come to life with your amazing repaints. Thank you for everything and I hope you realize your value and the love and respect your true fans have for you and your work. Wishing you well and hope that one day, you’ll return. Until then, keep soaring!


  18. I can only echo all the thanks and sage advice posted here. What you and the team have created for us gets appreciated much more than is ever publicly expressed – we should do a better job, and will. As for the future, many contributors have done what you’re doing , to step back take stock or focus on the RW for while. Whatever you decide long term, your work will stay on my PC filling the virtual skies and I’ll be first in line to welcome you back when you its right for you. Cheers.


  19. Ian

    Garry, thank you so much for your contribution to the world of flightsim and AI. Unfortunately, it is common in life that the few spoil it for the majority. Hopefully you will feel the motivation to return one day, until then, take care…


  20. I want to add my words of thanks for your enormous contributions to the flight simulation community. Especially your Canadian content. You will be sorrowfully missed.

    Best wishes,


  21. I just read the story. A little late. Sorry.

    I have been using fs9 for 15 years, rebuilding it to a certain level of perfection. Your repaints were an essential part of that perfection. In september I made the step to FS2020 but I couldnt find time to focus on any flightsim lately. Family business comes first, no problems but children growing up can be tough on spare time.

    I just opened some of the repaint sites I used to visit every day and just read your post. It made me a little nostalgic because I visited your site for years and used lots of your beautiful repaints. I now realise all things move on. I havent added a repaint since 6 months, it is disappearing.

    I would to like to thank you for all your hard work for this beautiful community.


    From the Netherlands.



  22. ray757

    I wish you all the best Garry, Yourself and all the wonderful great guys in our hobby have got me through some tough times over the years. The hobby within the hobby I like to call it. And as someone who lives in the GTA it is extra sad to see you go. It is my hope you will return with more exceptional paints in the future.


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