ATCO Repaints

Air Canada Express Dash8-Q300 NC 2017


Hello again! Yes I’m back after some time away with more content for your AI skies.
Features Air Canada Express NC paint for the TFS Dash8-300.

C-FRUZ is the first Q300 to be given the new paint. As of 28/11/2018 the only types not to have at least one aircraft in the new livery are the 767, E190 (unlikely to do so as these are both being retired), the Dash8-100 and the Beech 1900D

Textures for FSX/P3D only



2 thoughts on “Air Canada Express Dash8-Q300 NC 2017”

  1. Air Canada no longer lists the Beechcraft 1900D on their website, the smallest plane they list is the Dash 8-100. Jazz never flew any, only Air Georgian and EVAS. I am not sure if they still do.


    1. Yup I’m well aware of that, I’ve been controlling Georgian B1900’s for almost 15 years now!
      The GGN B1900s have moved West to Calgary. What the plan is for them out of YYC is still to be revealed. The B1900 was dropped from the Air Canada site many months ago around the time that the AC Express titles were all removed from the aircraft but up until Nov 1st were still flying in the network!


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