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Air Transat Boeing 737-700 Winter 2018 Fleet

Features 4 Air Transat variants for the FAIB 737-700. This fleet package covers all 4 airframes used by Air Transat for the Winter 2017/18 season. The aircraft are leased from ASL Airlines France and 3 of them wear the distinctive yellow livery of Europe Airpost

Full flightplans are available from this site. Click on the flightplan link on the side or download this file

Paint for the FAIB Boeing 737-700 model

Textures for FSX/P3D only



2 thoughts on “Air Transat Boeing 737-700 Winter 2018 Fleet”

  1. the air transat w18 Aircraft/Airport/Flightplan txts are in the b737 zip

    Also the b738 scimitar wing models the model= shows as scimitar – should be scimitars


  2. I’m confused, the flightplan files are exactly where I said they are! In the 737-700 download or available from the dedicated post.
    I have the model name as scimitar which if I recall is from the original beta years ago. Perhaps Erez changed the model folder names at some point. Anyway its easy enough to add the s


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