ATCO Repaints

British Airways Boeing 747-400 Fleet 2019

Paints for the FAIB Boeing 747-400 model in British Airways liveries.

These textures are part of a complete fleet repaint. Please replace any existing paints for a complete, uniform fleet

Includes 12 variants, intended for use with the AIG Summer 2019 flightplans:

British Airways Summer 2019 flightplans

Textures for P3D only (May work in FSX – use not supported)

2048 pixel HD textures

Download 2048

4096 4K Super HD textures (Beware Large performance impact)

Download 4096



Turkish Airlines Airbus A330-200 Fleet

Features 7 Turkish Airlines repaints for the FSP A330-200. Includes a number of variants and there is a full fleet breakdown included in the file which will show you which paints to allocate to each registration

Thanks to Mr JB for the Invest and Retro source materials that made the paints much easier

Paint for the FSP Airbus A330-200 GE and PW models

Textures for FSX/P3D only