ATCO Repaints

Cargojet Boeing 757-200W Update 2020


Paint for the AIG Boeing 757-200 model in Cargojet livery.

These paints are needed for the AIG Winter 2019/20 flightplans and bring the Cargojet fleet up to date. For use with my other Cargojet paints.

This paint is for the P3DV4 native model released by the Conversion Team, available from the AIG forums and at AVSIM.

Textures for P3D4+/MSFS


Cargojet Boeing 757 Fleet

Features 3 Cargojet variants for the AIG 757-200.Includes one winglets paint and two non-winglets paints. Please ensure you use the correct model.

This repaint also includes lightmaps specifically designed for the P3DV4 native conversion on the AIG forums.

If you are using FSX I would suggest downloading this file from here as it contains lightmaps specific for FSX:
Download FSX Only

Paint for the AIG Boeing 757-200 RR model

Textures for P3D4+/MSFS


Icelandair Boeing 757-200 TF-FIR Vatnajökull


Features special Icelandair repaint for the AIG 757-200. TF-FIR is the second Icelandair special livery promoting their home country and stopovers in Iceland. Vatnajökull is the largest glacial ice cap in Iceland and its stunning landscape is featured on this breathtaking aircraft. This aircraft also carries titles celebrating Icelandair’s 80th anniversary

You can find the regular Icelandair livery over at

This repaint also includes optional textures if you have the FSX native converted 757 model from the conversion group on the AIG forums. If you use that model please use the optional textures included to save you the work of adding and modifying the alpha channels to work with the updated model.

Paint for the AIG Boeing 757-200 RR Winglets model

Textures for FSX/P3D only

Download FSX/P3D