Donations Button

A number of people have asked, so here is a button for donations towards the site costs.
Please note this is entirely voluntary, there is no obligation whatsoever. My repaints are free and always will be.
Any donations will be put towards keeping the site hosting going and are received with my deepest gratitude and thanks.

Kindly note, I do not support FS9. None of the repaints on this site will work in FS9.

4 thoughts on “Donations Button

  1. Michael Kalinowsky

    Really glad that that people like you provide such work for free – please keep up doing so.
    By the way, could you do a A330-300 repaint (Aer Lingus) for the TFS airplane?


  2. The TFS version has already been painted by Robert Williams, it should be available soon at Flying Carpet.
    I only have time to paint one model, which is the one I use in my sim so in my case I paint the FSP A330s, 777s, A380 etc and won’t be doing paints for other versions of the same aircraft.
    Thanks for the kind words


  3. Michael Kalinowsky

    Even though FS9 is not supported anymore, repaints for FAIB, TFS and other FS9 models can be converted using free software. DDS files can be opened with DXTBMP send to for instance, made smaller (1024 x 1024) and flipped then saved and reimported to DXTBMP and thereafter saved as extended BMP for use in FS9.


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